SLIDESHOW: The Backyard Man Cave

Outdoor kitchen as man caveToday, we’re moving the man cave outdoors, giving a nod to all the men who have no room to make their own inside of the house. When there’s not a spare inch of indoor space left to transform, don’t despair. Instead, turn to the backyard, the patio or the deck. Even with only a miniscule balcony, you might squeeze in a couple of chairs and a grill, maybe even a cafe table, a wall-hanging fireplace or a corner hammock. It may not be much, but it will be yours. No matter how large or small the space you have to work with, the images in this slideshow are great for inspiration. These are outdoor dream caves showcasing the best of what can be achieved with significant means and/or imagination. Borrow from them what you can.  It’s time to take the man cave outside!

Outdoor kitchen as man caveWe love a good outdoor kitchen. A grill serves as the centerpiece at parties and will come in handy almost year-round, with backyard Summer barbeques and football game days in the Fall. Build yourself a few shelves for food prep, drinks and condiments. Then stack up some firewood and add a little greenery to create a rustic look.

Outdoor kitchen as man cavePrefer a sleek and modern look? Concrete is used here to create an outdoor entertaining space that is stylishly minimal. The massive table at bar height is especially awesome – just imagine the parties you could have around it.

Outdoor living room man caveFor more laid-back entertaining, opt for an outside lounge area. This outdoor living room features contemporary patio furniture and handsome stonework, plus a great solution for a fireplace – no chimney required.

Sunken lounge in pool man caveDon’t have a patio space to transform? How about a sunken living room in the pool?

Sunken fire pit beachOr a sunken fire pit built into the backyard? Swap out grass for sand and you’ve got your very own beach bonfire area. We can practically taste the s’mores.

greenhouse with musical instrumentsIf you’re lucky enough to have a greenhouse, why not turn it into a spot for band practice?

treehouse and swingOr maybe you’ve got a massive, gnarled tree sitting in the backyard that would make a perfectly grown-up tree house. You’re never too old for one!

outdoor tub and showerHow about a makeshift spa retreat in a hidden nook of the garden?

Outdoor bedOr an outdoor bedroom?

Outdoor man caveAn extended overhang creates an open-air room. And you don’t need to hire an architect to make one. We love this lean-to thatched roof propped up by driftwood…

Outdoor dining area…and this extended canvas roof, too.

Tent man caveWho says a man cave has to be permanent? Why not set up a tent for Summer only?

desk and computer outsideOr move your home office outside on the weekend?

tear drop camping trailerThis tear drop camping trailer moves in and out of your backyard for a temporary bar set-up. But it could remain back there permanently too.

wood-fired hot tub boatAnd this wood-fired hot tub boat? We’ll admit it’s probably a fantasy…unless, of course, you happen to own your own lake.

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