DIY: Beer Bottle Chandelier

Tabby Inc. Beer Bottle Chandelier Man CaveLast week, we posted about some of our favorite reclaimed hanging light fixtures. There were chandeliers made of globes and wine bottles, a milk crate and even books. This week, however, we’re challenging you to make your own chandelier out of empty beer bottles. After all, the timing’s just right for this do-it-yourself project: it’s the final week of October and what better way to celebrate the end of Oktoberfest than by drinking a case of your favorite beer…and then turning those bottles into a light? That being said, you can outfit this chandelier with any types of bottles you choose. Love whiskey? A total oenophile? The instructions are the same. To view a video of the DIY project, showing how to make a beer bottle chandelier for your man cave, click here. The original post that inspired this video, from the blog That House on the Corner, can be found here.

Not up to the task? Bar Lite will send you the structure for a pendant or chandelier, customized to your specifications…but you still have to supply the beer bottles. Do DIY projects get any more perfect than that? It’s all the fun and none of the work!

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